Mission Statement

The aim of Child Rights is to become a registered charity, providing support for parents separated from their children and to lobby government to get inadequate family laws changed to provide protection to the thousands of children that are left victims of parental alienation and separation from one of their parents.

Current UK laws allow a resident parent (usually the mother) to stop or deny contact to a child, with no laws in place to punish them. Countries such as Canada and Brazil have acknowledged parental alienation and have created laws to punish those parents that use these methods of child abuse.

The UK signed up to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), but this is not being enforced, leaving children and parents helpless.

We want current UK laws to be altered, so that there is an automatic presumption of shared parenting, which will help to avoid lengthy, hostile and costly court battles which only serve to inflame situations even more.


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