The Rights Of Children In The UK Still Being Ignored

Despite repeated campaigns and protests by numerous organisations across the UK, the rights of children are still being ignored by government, CAFCASS and judges, allowing parental alienation to occur, without punishment for the abusing parent, typically the mother.

There is no question that most parents are decent people, but too many mothers are getting away with child abuse in the UK without punishment.

We receive calls and emails almost daily from desperate fathers who are being denied access to their children by spiteful, abusive ex partners. Judges and CAFCASS officers highly favour mothers and ignore evidence shown to them.

I myself have been through a long court battle and yet, I still only see my child once every month, because of manipulation by the mother and grandmother. A once loving and caring child only sees one side of the family (the mothers) and spends all her time with a step-father and step-grandfather and is alienated from her other side of the family (the fathers), despite having great relationship with them, when she does eventually get to spend time with them.

The mother and grandmother buy her affection with all the latest gadgets and she has simply become a manipulated, robotic version of them, for their own selfish pleasure.

I hope that one day she can truly think for herself, away from her captors, but I fear this may be a long way off in the future.

Fathers and good mothers need to unite against parental alienation, which is child abuse against innocent children, who will no doubt later suffer in teenage and adult life.

The UK needs to join countries such as Switzerland and Brazil to punish parents that intentionally abuse their children.

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